Gema y Fiona Faro Jorge Cabrera

The “Ecology of Marine Macrophytes” Research Group


We are centered at the Instituto Mediterráneo de Estudios Avanzados (IMEDEA), and we are interested on the structure, functioning and conservation of marine benthic communities dominated by macrophytes, seagrasses and macroalgae mainly.

This group is led by Dr. J. Terrados ( and myself.

Current students:

Gema Hernán Martínez (PhD candidate): Defense strategies of seagrasses against herbivory. Check her webpage at:

Magda Sastre (MsCcandidate): Temperature effects on the feeding behaviour of benthic consumers

Laura Pereda (PhD student): Ecology of Posidonia oceanica seedlings.

Past students and Research Assistants:

Laura Pereda (MsCcandidate): Impacts of the invasive alga Caulerpa racemosa on Posidonia oceanica seedlings.

Alberto M. Gándara (MsCcandidate):Effects of increased temperature on the ecology of Posidonia oceanica seedlings.

Elisenda Oliver Oliva (

Diego Rita Espada (

Samer Al-Ismail Calderon (


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