The Tomas-Nash Lab at OSU


I am a Courtesy Faculty at the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, at Oregon State University (http://fw.oregonstate.edu/), where I am pursuing a line of research in seagrass ecology and conservation in Oregon estuaries.

At the lab we’re interested in examining the role of diversity (genetic, taxonomical, and functional) on seagrass ecosystem processes (such as herbivory, predation, and decomposition), and assessing the impacts of different anthropogenic stressors on such ecosystem processes.

Part of this research is performed within the framework of the Zostera Experimental Network project (ZEN; http://zenscience.org/), which is a collaborative partnership among ecologists in N America, Europe and Asia to conduct coordinated experimental research to understand the functioning of eelgrass (Zostera marina) ecosystems across the globe.

We’ve been setting up some mesocosms at Hatfield Marine Science Center (http://hmsc.oregonstate.edu/home), and we also conduct fieldwork across Oregon estuaries (e.g. Yaquina Bay, Netarts Bay, Coos Bay).

Lab members:

Jeremy with crab

Jeremy Henderson, Lab Manager


Jen Motley,Master student (co-advised with Prof. Sally Hacker)



For more info check:




Undergraduate internship available at our lab at OSU through the URSA-ENGAGE program

Check it out at: http://oregonstate.edu/students/research/

Our internship can be found at:



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